Meet the CaHerbanLife Pak™

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Keto is our Polar Bear who loves to eat high protein low carb and low sugar. 

Aurora is our fiesty pengium who fish and fish based vitamins.

Ginger is our firey fox who likes vegetables, and healthy treats.

Eden is our bouncy bunny who loves carrots, veggies, and healthy treats.

Rein is our reindeer, who always has Ron with him.  Both love the outdoors.

We created the CaHerbanLife Pak™ to grab the attention of children interested in healthy lifestyles.  We create seasonal books for the kids to enjoy coloring, word finds, and so much more.  The CaHerbanLife Pak™ will give Moms and Dads discounts on great products throughout our site and contests to participate in often.  Join the Lifestyle Notes™ email list here to stay informed about Kid Safe products from Plant Therapy, Vitamin Friends, and all the baby and children brands we carry.

Past Holiday Activity Books

EasterPak Post

The CaHerbanLife Pak™ is gearing up for the Easter. Enjoy this activity book we put together to help your kids enjoy the holiday.  As an extra bonus we’ve included 2 coupons for OCHO candy and Yum Earth candy.

This holiday we’d like to get your kids to color the easter basket and send to us for a FREE $10 gift card to  Download the activity book now and then have the kiddos color the basket, send their completed project with age and first name and we’ll send you a $10 gift card.  


The CaHerbanLife Pak™ is gearing up for the Chinese New Year and most importantly the celebration of the year of the tiger for the kiddos.  Let the kids color in the tiger, color and cutout their own dragon latern, answer the lantern ridddles and everyone can enjoy family activities for the 2022 Tiger New Year with the CaHerbanLife Pak™. 

Join the celebration with us and learn about the significance of the ancient holiday.  In American we acknowledge this celebration in honor of our millions of Chinese-American immigrants. Happy New Year.


The CaHerbanLife Pak™ has been ready for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving now that they are another year older.  While they were stuck inside they worked out great activity books for your kiddos to color, challenge, and compete for freebies from

In this 6 page activity book, the kids can color, help Ginger through a maze, and complete a wordsearch.  But its not just for the kids.  We’ve included four DIY Plant Therapy halloween inspired CaHerbanations™ for your diffusers and even a hand sanitizer.

Chinese New Year Preferred Products